About Us

Welcome to Red Moon curios!

We are a family run Alternative shop specializing in gothic & alternative fashion, accessories, and decor.  We bring in many premier European brands and some less expensive brands as well.
We started our business in the Crossroads Market in 2001.  Initially it was just to sell off a massive collectibles collection, but the small business bug bit us and we started to evolve.  First to Gothic decor; Dragons, Gargoyles, Skulls, Fairies, etc., and then to the dark fashion to go with the decor.  We have moved a few times within the market, each time getting bigger and better.   We are currently hidden in the back of the market so that we don't scare the normies.  Not so silently waiting for our chance to take over the world. 
This website is our next step.
Help us move along by becoming...One of us, One Of Us, ONE OF US!