Necklace - Mammon of the Deep

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Mammon of the Deep Necklace

A rapacious treasure-hoarding demon from the watery abyss, guardian of immeasurable wealth, surrendered by the forlorn victims of the cruel seas.; symbol of the Black Beach, the 'Plage Noir'.

A piece created in collaboration with 'Plage Noir' Festival!

A pewter octopus pendant with the body in the form of a human skull, and clutching a black graphite cabochon in its tentacles.

  • On a 21" (53cm) black curb chain.


    Weight & Dimensions (approx.):H: 46mm (1.81") W: 38mm (1.50") D: 7mm (0.28") Weight: 32g (1.13oz)
    (Please note neck jewellery dimensions are excluding the fastenings)

  • Fine English Pewter
  • Made in England