Necklace - Voodoo Doll

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Voodoo Doll Necklace

Of ancient European origin, the traditional Folk Magic way to destroy a witch's power; and with the aid of a grimoire, inflict precision injury upon those against them...

An antiqued pewter pendant of a voodoo doll with peg-holes at the six principle body points, (eye/head, mouth, heart/lungs, groin/stomach, hand and foot), with a short length of black chain from the right hand holding a peg-pin, to stick the doll with.

  • Nickel Free Chain with clasp
  • On split, trace chain
  • Suspended from a hangman's rope of black cord, from a pewter bale, (with voodoo symbol), on a split black, 21"/48cm curb chain.
  • Fine English Pewter
  • Made in England